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Q: Is there a Birkenstock lifetime guarantee?
A: Occasionally we receive consumer questions about a Birkenstock lifetime guarantee. Our Footprints? Collection of shoes carries a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, but no Birkenstock footwear comes with a lifetime guarantee. Perhaps this misunderstanding comes from the fact that with proper care, Birkenstock sandals, clogs, and shoes can last a lifetime. They also have replaceable parts and are almost entirely repairable. But even without a specific "guarantee," we do believe in the long-lasting attributes of Birkenstock products and stand behind the healthy, high-quality, and durable craftsmanship.

Q: Do you repair a dog-chewed sandal,
or can I buy a single sandal to replace it?

A: We do not repair Birkenstock "uppers" that may have been chewed or damaged by animals, machinery, etc.

Q: I just bought my first pair of Birkenstock sandals, and after wearing them for only one day, my feet hurt! Is this normal? What should I do?
A: Break in your new Birkenstock footwear gradually, as they may introduce new movements to the muscles in your feet and legs. Although your shoes may feel rigid at first, their flexibility will increase with wear. Leather straps will become more supple and the footbeds will adjust slightly to your feet.The first week, wear them around your house for only an hour or two every day. The next week, start wearing them a little longer, and maybe go out and run an errand or two in them. The third week, you can start wearing them an hour or two longer. Continue this gradual progression until you're confident that your Birkenstock footwear is broken in enough to no longer cause you discomfort. Wearing Birkenstock footwear is a different kind of experience because the new, healthy posture encouraged by the orthopedic footbed may take some time to adjust to. We strongly recommend that you approach new Birkenstock footwear with complete care and respect for your feet.

Q: I just bought my first pair of Birkenstock sandals and I thought they fit okay until I read the information that came with the shoes. The information says there should be an eighth to a quarter of an inch of extra space around my feet within the footbed. If my footwear does not have this much extra space in the footbed, but they feel okay. Do you think I bought the correct size?
A: We recommend that you start by trusting yourself. The information in the Birkenstock box is simply a guideline. If the arches feel supportive in the right places, that's an indication of a good fit. If your toes fit within the footbed, and do not rub against or go over the edge of the footbeds, it really is your call about how well they fit your particular feet. If you feel comfortable in the Birkenstock footwear you purchased, don't doubt your own sense of comfort and well-being!

Q: I think I bought Birkenstock footwear that is the wrong size.
What should I do?

A: Start by trusting your own sense of fit. If your Birkenstock footwear feels too snug or too large on your feet, stop wearing them and immediately contact the retailer where you purchased the product. Tell them you think you have been mis-sized and would like to exchange the footwear for the correct size. Naturally, the less wear the shoes show, the easier it will be to negotiate this type of exchange. And keep in mind that Birkenstock footwear is meant to be worn loosely. Your feet are your hard-working friends, and you will know whether they are experiencing a good footwear fit.

Q: My Birkenstock footwear squeaks when I walk. What can I do?
A: If you determine that the squeaking is caused by a buckle rubbing the leather, try rubbing the underside of the buckle with candle wax. Or try spraying only the inside of the Birkenstock footwear with Cadillac Liquid Silicon.

Q: Sometimes my socks twist or "travel" around my foot when I am wearing my Birkenstock footwear. How can I prevent this from happening?
A: A customer named Elizabeth Turk solved this problem and shared her ingenious solution with us. Elizabeth told us she simply sprays her socks with Static Guard? to stop them from twisting while wearing her Birkenstock footwear. Thanks, Elizabeth!

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